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Monday, July 7, 2008

Session 2 Begins

Today marked the beginning of session 2. In this session, students will learn the "Uptown" style of making a Mardi Gras Indian suit, but first they are creating a claymation film which will serve as a nice review of everything they have learned thus far. The film will depict what happens when two Big Chiefs meet on Mardi Gras morning.

Students began today by creating the wire "skeletons" for their clay characters out of armature wire and then covering those skeletons with clay to add skin, hair, clothing, and other details. This project would not be possible without three very good friends from New York University's Interactive Technology Program, Amanda O'Brien, Kate Hartman, and Gabriel Barcia-Colombo. Amanda, Kate, and Gabe are here to teach our students the fundamentals of claymation , among other cool projects, to reinforce their study of Mardi Gras Indian art and culture. Check back throughout the week for updates on our progress. Thanks also to Marianne Petit from NYU's ITP who got the ball rolling for Amanda, Kate, and Gabe's participation this summer.

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